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Mobile Training Programs!!

In order to become experts at using the Mobile Text Message Platform and to become skilled at setting up effective Text Message Campaigns, we provide our customers with comprehensive online hands-on live training on how  to use the Web-based Mobile Text Message Platform. This training will cover everything that is needed so that each our customers can become professional Mobile Text Message Campaign Design and Setup Managers.

 Everything that is covered in this live, hands-on online training
is listed below, plus there is much more contained in the course:

  • How to Manage Campaign Keywords 
  • How to Compose Text Messages
  • How to Blast Messages to the List
  • How to Manage the List Database
  • How to Setup Groups to Manage the List
  • How to Schedule Text Messages
  • How to Import Contacts into the List
  • How to Setup Text Message Coupons
  • How to Add Custom Fields to the List
  • How to Analyze Reports about the Campaign

This online mobile text message platform training
is a 3 day course that cost only $149.99 one-time!

To Purchase this Online Training, Click Here.

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