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Mobile Campaign Design!!

Three Strategies to Effectively Design and
Implement a Mobile Text Message Campaign

Step #1 - Build your Opt-in Mobile List

The first step to launching your mobile marketing campaign is to build your list by offering people an incentive to opt-in to your mobile list. Get people to want to be on your list. If someone is doing business with you, they are almost automatically interested to hear about anytime you are running a special or new promotion.

The easiest and most direct way to get customers and potential customers to opt-in for your list is to offer an incentive. While they are at the cash register, placing or picking up an order, or while you are on the phone, tell your valued customer … “We offer a special alert system to let you be the first to know when we run a sale or promotion. All you need to do is text (keyword) to (number) and you’re on the list. And if you do it now, I’ll give you 10% off this order.”

There are a wide variety of tactics to get customers to opt-in to your mobile list.

- In your store use a tent sign or flyer offering people to subscribe to your special ‘promotional’ text notices.

- Online Tell everyone that visits your website that they can get an ‘instant coupon’ for opting-in.

- Email when you email customers during routine business… make sure you place a link to your special text alert ‘promotional’ club.

- Phone - when talking with your customers… be sure to announce that “we’ve just launched a VIP text messaging alert system to notify you of special sales and promotions… just text (keyword) to (number) to get on the list.

- In Your Advertising no matter if you run newspaper ads… direct mail… radio… or television advertising… always mention your special ‘VIP’ text club and invite anyone to join.

Your customers simply join the list when they text your ‘KEYWORD’ to your ‘NUMBER’. The system will then verify their subscription and the customer will get an opt-in confirmation and is now included in the list. Whenever you send a message to the list in the TEXT MESSAGING system, the message will broadcast to all of the subscribers in your list.
It’s just that simple!

Step #2 - Design an effective and compelling list marketing campaign

Now that you have your opt-in list, what are you going to do with it? The first step is to determine your goals. Are you going to send a one time only coupon, or is this something you want passed on to family and friends in order to attract new business? Are you trying to generate instant business on a slow day, fill up your appointment book, or alert them to a special upcoming event?

The next action is to determine your offer. Is it going to be a certain percentage off, a 2 for 1 deal, free service/upgrade, or free gift with purchase? Remember that your offer must be compelling enough to make them want to participate. Create a sense of urgency by giving them a call to take action. You’ve got their attention, so get them to act quickly. Some aspects to consider when planning your text blast: What are you offering? Why should they act now? What is in it for them? Most importantly, you want to be sure that your offer is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand as well as being personal, relevant, and of value to the customer.

Lastly, determine the frequency of your text blasts. Be sure not to overdue it by sending these messages too frequently, yet do it often enough to remain in the mind of the customer. Ideally, make an offer to your list at least once a week, but not more than 3 times in a seven day period.

Step #3 - How to integrate texting into your existing marketing strategy

As you can see, there are numerous ways that you can use a mobile marketing campaign to complement your other marketing activities such as email, print ad, and direct mail. When composing your message, be sure to include things like links, maps, QR codes, mobile landing pages, and your company website.

Keep your message content fresh by varying the discount code or coupon. Send informative and entertaining messages about current events and news about your business, contests, and other promotional incentives and programs that you may offer.

Take Action and get your Mobile Text Message Campaign going Today!!

After providing the customer with a Text Message Platform along with the messages and keywords that comes with the platform, the next step is to work with the customer to implement the three strategies as defined above. This is done to help the customer not only build an Opt-in Mobile List but to also help them compose effective text messages to be sent to the list.

We at Total Mobile Marketing Solutions are specialists with several years of experience doing this for our customers. This is done in a way so they can obtain a high return on their Mobile Marketing Investment. And we design, setup, and manage these campaigns at very affodable prices.

Checkout the prices for our company to design, setup, and
manage our cstomers Mobile Text Message Campaigns,

  • Mobile Campaign Design and Setup - As low as $200 One-time
  • Mobile Campaign Monthly Management - As low as $50/Month
    (There is no monthy cost if the customer decides to do the Management|
    themselves, but we will provide the custome with some basic training.)
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