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Welcome to the Wave of the Future!!

Mobile Marketing is a combination of tools that form a total solution that is used to build a text messaging list and to drive traffic to your mobile website. Once you have built your opt-in mobile phone number list, you can then send periodical marketing messages to these mobile phone users promoting your products or services to generate more sales for your company. These messages can also contain links to drive targeted traffic to your mobile website so additional information can be provided to get more customers for your business..
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Mobile Local Search

Mobile Local Search involves using Google to search for a Business Type by Location. (Example: Tax Services Dallas, Texas). A Google Map is then shown with a place on the map for each business found. Each place on the map will have a Mobile Place Page that provides information about the business.  We help you tap into Mobile Local Search by providing you with a top ranking on the map that will drive tons of fresh traffic to your Mobile Website.
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Mobile Websites

Now day, more people are browsing and searching the internet for websites using Mobile Devices than Laptops and Desktops combined. Regular websites are not designed to be displayed on mobile devices. With a Mobile Version of a regular website, a user will not need to zoom in or out or pan left or right when viewing your website. The Mobile Website will be a "scaled down" version of your regular website that will allow mobile users to have a friendly view of your site on a mobile device.
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Text Message Platforms

To take advantage of Mobile Text Messaging, you will need a Web-based Text Messaging Platform that provides you with so many text messages and keywords per month. During the time that you are building your Opt-in Text Message List as well as after you have build it, you can send out text messages to promote your products and services to generate more customers, sales, and income for your business.
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